VIEW London Issue

The most interesting way to get to know a city is probably to get to know its inhabitants. How much can you capture in a few days of visiting? Do you come back home with the feeling of still being part of the city? We spent a few days in London and met many interesting people. Natives, incomers and passing travellers. We collected their stories, aims, wishes and fears.

The result is a travel magazine named »VIEW« which considers the city from different angles. It is filled with feels of acceptance, homesickness, missing the sun, rain, couchsurfing, stretched faces, music, bikes, the BBC and sweeping chimneys. With smoked salmon, colorful cupcakes, fish and chips, mint tea and beer. It is a magazine about Londons people.

Team: Miriam König, Nina Haider, Magdalena Hirmer
Supervised by Christina Hackenschuh, FH Würzburg, Faculty of Design