Der Goldene Stein

In 1996 German artist Gunter Demnig started his project »Stumbling Stones«. These are brass plates which are the size 10x10cm fixed on concrete cubes. You can find them on pavements located in front of buildings all over Europe.

Every stone tells name, date of deportation, and – if known – details to the death of a person who was displaced during the Second World War by the nazis. Most of the victims where jewish, gay, disabled or didn't share the same moral values than the nazis did. So they took them to concentration camps, where most of them died. With a number on their lower arms and no graves. Gunter Demnig wants to bring back their names to the places where they last chose to live by themselves. 

You cannot really stumble and fall over the stones as they are ground-leveled – but you should stumble with heart and mind. I spent one day with the artist in Würzburg, where he put down several new stones. The outcome is this illustrated reportage.

Supervised by Florian Bayer, FH Würzburg, Faculty of Design